Calvin (The Stopper) lives in San Francisco now, but has parked on the street in New York, Boston, Chicago, Tokyo, Moscow, Los Angeles, and a host of other cities.

Calvin is the proprietor behind ParkingTicketStopper.com

 ParkingTicketStopper.com offers iPhone, Android, and Blackberry apps which leverage full parking regulation databases and alarm systems which will help stop parking tickets due to forgetfulness or ignorance – the two primary causes for getting a parking ticket.

Calvin has gotten tickets for street sweeping. He’s gotten tickets for not curbing his wheels. He’s gotten tickets for parking too long in 1, 2, and 4 hour time limit zones. He’s gotten towed due to a Pride Parade special event zone (the parade setup block). He’s gotten towed due to the city changing the regulation on the block parked in, overnight. He’s gotten towed because of the 3 day rule. 

He’s fought and won against some parking tickets, fought and lost against many more.

The only categories of tickets Calvin hasn’t gotten in decades of parking are handicapped parking and meter violations.

This experience, as well as the technology and platforms now available, are what prompted the formation of ParkingTicketStopper.com

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