Parking Radar about to be released

The beta period for TKT STPR/ is about to end.

From user feedback, we’ve added the following features:

1) Parking Radar: given a user specified period of time, the app will process the parking rules to show only those areas which are safe to park for that period of time.

No more wondering if that open spot is open…for a reason.

2) SFPark sensor data incorporated. If a given area has parking sensors, TKT STPR will show the number of open spots as detailed by

3) Alerts now are a combination of in-phone and either SMS or email. For iOS, these are iCal entries while for Android there will be a background alerter process.

As before there is full support for street sweeping, tow away zones, meters, residential zones, inclines, and the 72 hour rule.

Some screen shots:

Oh yes, iPad is supported.


About ticketstopper

As a veteran street parking warrior of numerous cities around the US (and the world), I'm now in the business of helping others avoid parking tickets.
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