Booting Call

Ever been booted?

That’s where you have been issued 5 or more outstanding unpaid tickets, and then Boot Patrol finds you.

This is what it looks like

The Ankle Tracker of Cars

And while getting booted is usually because you forgot how many tickets you still had unpaid, sometimes it is because you got more then one.

In this case, our unlucky boot-ee actually was issued 2 different tickets, one at 12:41 am and 12:42 am.

Some situations where you can get more than 1 parking ticket at a given time (10 minutes or less):

Expired meter, plus street sweeping, plus incline parking (that’s 3 out of your limit of 5 already).

Commercial meter, plus incline parking.

Street sweeping, plus 72 hour rule.

I’ve never seen the latter, but it is theoretically possible to get both booted and towed because being booted does not mean you are immune from further tickets.

In this case, this person is still exposed to getting more street sweeping and residential zone overtime.

Getting booted sucks. And it costs quite a bit of money:

$280 as of July 1, 2011

Note boots cannot be removed on weekends and holidays.

The good news is you can pay for your boot removal 24 hours: either from 8 am to 5 pm during normal working hours at the SFMTA office at Van Ness and Market, or on 7th street between Bryant and Harrison (the AutoReturn towing facility).

Avoid getting the Boot!



About ticketstopper

As a veteran street parking warrior of numerous cities around the US (and the world), I'm now in the business of helping others avoid parking tickets.
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