A Handicapped Sticker is not a Get Out of Jail Free card for parking

If you’ve walked past a row of meters, sometimes it seems that every other car has a handicapped sticker on it.

Handicapped stickers are quite beneficial in the city: they allow the handicapped person to park without regard to residential time limits, nor have to pay for tolls.

However, they are not ‘Get Out of Parking Tickets’ cards.

For example:

Notice this car I walked by the other day.

He has an actual handicapped license plate as opposed to the normal placard, so this individual isn’t even a ‘broke leg while skiing’ or some such of temporary handicap stick eligibility.

But do you notice what else there is?

Here it is:

That white number on the upper left windshield – that’s from being towed. Once you’re towed, the San Francisco Tow operator puts a number like so using some type of rubberized marker.

This number can’t be washed off. Even using fingernails is extremely difficult. You have to pretty much break out a scraper or some type of solvent to remove this mark.

So the handicapped owner of this car was towed, likely recently.

Despite having a handicapped license plate, you can still get towed for parking in a tow-away zone.

You can still get ticketed for street sweeping violations. I haven’t seen it myself, but I would not be surprised if you can get an incline (curb wheels) violation as well, and likely parking at commercial meters also.

The only thing the handicapped sticker does for you is skipping paying into normal parking meters and ignoring residential parking time limits – but these are only 2 of the more than 8 categories of parking tickets you can receive.

Oh, and you can of course park in the handicapped parking spaces that are occasionally available.

Work is getting wrapped up on the new TKT STPR app – keep an eye on this space for details.

Among other things: the app will allow you to see actual numbers of open spots at SFPark meters…


About ticketstopper

As a veteran street parking warrior of numerous cities around the US (and the world), I'm now in the business of helping others avoid parking tickets.
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