Why do parking tickets piss us off?

Parking Tickets.

There are few subjects which elicit as much emotion as universally as parking tickets.

Sure, you’ve got abortion. And Afghanistan/Iraq. And George W. Bush. And gay marriage. And…

Moving right along…

Anyway, parking tickets piss us off.

I think the reason is that the most common cause for getting a parking ticket is stupidity.

You didn’t look for the parking rules when you parked.

You forgot to set an alarm and/or when to move the car.

You forgot which day it was.

Another reason is ignorance. It isn’t quite the same as above; until you get your first incline parking ticket, you just have no clue that you can get fined for such a thing.

Yes, the DMV has test questions on it, but the DMV generally only nails you for things like speeding or running red lights. Does not turning your wheels fall into the same category?

Not for me to say.

The next reason for parking tickets pissing us off is the arbitrary nature of them.

Sure, many times we get parking tickets because we were stupid or ignorant.

But we also get parking tickets because of arbitrary crap.

My record?

I had a ‘spot’ where I always parked -had been using it for months.

It was a wonderful no restriction, street sweeping once a week spot – something which is now extinct in downtown San Francisco.

One day I go to retrieve the car after 4 days in order to go do some major grocery shopping.

The car has vanished!

As it turns out, the city of San Francisco decided to convert my no time restriction, street sweeping once a week into a 2 hour ‘Y’ residential zone, towaway 4 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday block.

Basically they put up the sign, then they towed my car.

Was there a notice that there was a change going to occur? No.

Was there any way for me to know that this was going to happen – like a web site? No.


What was the most annoying, even beyond this nuclear level annoyance I received (and $500 worth of fines, etc)? I protested the ticket noting that I had parked before the restrictions changed, that there was no notice, etc etc.

The nice judge in the MTA office at Market and Van Ness acknowledged the fundamental problem with not having any way of knowing that the parking restrictions were about to change. He acknowledged the lack of warning. But he said his hands were tied.


What’s your worst parking story ever?

TKT STPR can’t fix the overnight changing of sign problem – though we’re looking into it – but we can help you avoid tickets due to ignorance or stupidity.

iPhone and Android versions both now available! Try it free today!

Or visit us at ParkingTicketStopper.com


About ticketstopper

As a veteran street parking warrior of numerous cities around the US (and the world), I'm now in the business of helping others avoid parking tickets.
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