A Brave New World

This is the inaugural post for No More Tickets – a blog dedicated to the world of street parking and its associated world of parking tickets.

This world touches more than half (actually more like two thirds) of the people who live and drive in every major city. We park on the street for many reasons, but ultimately we park on the street because our cities don’t have enough private parking to contain all of us as well as all the visiting drivers coming in to work or play.

While street parking and parking tickets are not anything new, there are now unprecedented tools to help all of us who park on the street.

We’re going to need them, because of several unstoppable trends in the cities we live in.

The first of these trends is city deficits. There are many reasons for these deficits – this blog isn’t going to get into them. But these deficits mean the cities we live and park in are going to look for ever more ways to generate revenue, and parking tickets are a huge revenue source for every major city.

The second of these trends is technology. Just as the technology to help us find street parking and avoid parking tickets is improving, so too is the technology for cities to enforce their labyrinthine parking regulations.

The third trend is privatization. Atop the twin towers of deficit filling and parking enforcement technology, another trend is for the cities we live in to farm out concessions like parking ticket enforcement to for-profit entities – whether they are corporations or even sovereign wealth funds of other nations.

It is actually the last trend which poses the greatest danger.

There are many things we can stereotype a government worker as:

They may be poorly motivated. They may be less than competent. They may be bureaucratic.

But they’re not generally interested in squeezing you out of another dollar.

This won’t be true of for-profit entities, and having such entities be put in charge of monopolies like street parking is something which will affect all of us who must park on the street.

This blog is dedicated to educating new and old street parkers, and to keeping abreast of changes arising from the triple trends of city deficits, parking enforcement technology, and privatization.


About ticketstopper

As a veteran street parking warrior of numerous cities around the US (and the world), I'm now in the business of helping others avoid parking tickets.
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